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on steroids

We host huge pools of BigBlueButton servers with loads of additionals features, automatic failovers and dynamic scaling.
All ready to use immediately after signup.

BigBlueButton with extended features

Additional features, more convenience

In addition to all the standard features of BigBlueButton, we also offer many helpful features that you are only used to from the "big" commercial services: Extensive scheduling (Concrete Appointments, Series of conferences, QuickConnect-Conferences), advanced branding, free dial-in numbers in each conference, streaming to streaming providers (e.g. YouTube / Facebook), upload management for conference media (play own videos / audios inside the conference), tracking of participants (attendence record), and much, much more. Feel free to take a look at our platform in the infinitely long usable trial version. You will be enthusiastic!

Without server installation

100% data protection, 100% from Europe

Our platform provides you with any number of conferences with BigBlueButton in real time.

Our guarantee: All servers we use to provide your conferences are located in European countries, fully GDPR compliant! We are a German company that handles your data responsibly and issues a correct invoice for every payment.

100% data protection, without any server installation

No setup costs & ongoing maintenance

Cheaper than your own server

A BigBlueButton server dedicated to you costs more than using our platform. So save on setup fees or monthly fees for server hosting, security, maintenance work and security patches. And have you also thought of a telephone dial-in with many participants?

All of this is professionally taken care of on our platform. You have nothing to do with the hosting and you can just do what you want: hold BigBlueButton conferences. Quite simply at the push of a button.

For really all sizes!

Flexible and fair pricing model

Our packages are based on the number of simultaneous conference participants. How many conferences you organize with it is up to you.

When you buy 100 concurrent connections, it doesn't matter if you're hosting 2 conferences of 50 participants each,or 5 conferences of 20 participants each, or even 50 conferences of 2 participants each at the same time.

Have you booked a package? Then invite any number of colleagues who can use the platform within your package at no extra cost. This is what we mean by a fair price model.

Flexible and fair pricing model