Privacy is a key issue. Always!

Educational institutions

With you can offer your teachers, students and parents a data privacy compliant solution from Europe.

Interactive teaching and presenting

Tools not only offers you simple options sharing your screen. It also enables you to display PDF files directly inside the conference. You can also insert text or draw lines, ellipses and other geometric shapes onto it. In this way, the lessons can be carried out in a more targeted and comprehensive manner.

Die Unterrichtstoolbox stets dabei - Werkzeuge

Versatility in facilitating your lessons

Polls, Collaboration & Breakout Rooms

With you have far-reaching possibilities to design the lessons. Polls: Ask a question that all participants can answer. Do you want your students to give presentations? No problem. You can give individual students presentation rights or make them moderators of the session. In this way, your students can actively participate in the lesson. And if you ever have a troublemaker, you can either mute individual participants or the entire list. Even group work is possible with Create breakout rooms and organize your students.

Präsentationsrechte geben oder Moderatoren ernennen

Now available!

Integrate your LMS (Moodle & Co.)

Do you use a learning software such as Moodle? You are welcome to connect your system directly to our platform. We take care of the provision of your video conferences and you benefit from the entire range of services of your subscription.

Integration in die Lernsoftware Moodle & Co.

Special for our educational institutions

Holidays? Pause for free.

We understand that schools, universities and other educational institutions need little or no video conferencing during the holidays. It's annoying when the contracts continue anyway.

We offer all educational institutions the opportunity to bridge this time with a reduced or paused subscription.

Note: Contact our support to request and schedule a pause on your subscription.

Verträge in den Ferien pausieren

Enable or disable:

Record your lessons

You decide: If you want, record your meetings, webinars, presentations and training sessions and make these recordings available online.

Recording conferences may not be legal for children in schools. Thus, you also have the option to disable all recording features as a customer administrator. All conferences that are conducted inside your customer account can no longer be recorded.

Conference media

Use video and audio files in conferences

Would you like to view/listen to video files or audio files with all conference participants at the same time in your conferences? Then the Conference Media feature is what you're looking for.

This function gives you the option of uploading audio and video files for subsequent use in conferences. Currently you can use video files in .mp4 format and audio files in .mp3 format. Up to 1 GB of storage space for conference media is available per customer account with a minimum connection package of 20 simultaneous connections (less than 20 simultaneous connections 512 MB).

Note: If you need more storage space, please submit a support request.


Stream a conference

Would you like to stream a conference to make it accessible not only to the participants but to a big public audience? No problem. In bbbserver you have the possibility to stream your conference via a streaming platform of your choice. All you need is the RTMP URL of your streaming platform. We will send a video stream of the conference there.

Safe access

Personalized conference join links

In order to be able to ensure that it is really the right participant who joins your conference and that no unwanted guests dial in, there is the new function "personalized access links". This way, people cannot choose their name while joining the conference: You provided it upfront. Thus, you can easily be sure who is connecting.

Safe access