Data protection is our top priority

Data privacy compliant

Our company is located in Germany, so we have to stick to the GDPR laws in Europe. Thanks to European server locations and data centers with ISO 27001 certification, you are always on the safe side. So get started now! – PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet


We don't care whether it's a Windows PC, Apple's macOS, a tablet or a smartphone with iOS or Android. You can use the device you prefer. This ensures that your employees or all other meeting participants are not disadvantaged. This saves time and consequently money.

bbb server – PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet

Recordings for webinars and training courses

I'll save that for later

Record your meetings, webinars, presentations and training sessions. You then have 30 days to download the recording. After that they will be deleted to protect your data. Isn't that practical? This is

Aufnahmen für Webinare und Schulungen

Unlimited meetings, presentations and brainstorming sessions

Conferences whenever you need them

With you don't have to worry about choosing the length of your meetings. Even a spontaneous extension will not cost you a cent more. In this way, effective meetings are not interrupted and a smooth process is guaranteed.

no stress at conferences

One subscription for your whole team

Invite your colleagues

Add an unlimited number of sub-users to your customer account. This way your team members and colleagues can also create and manage conferences on their own. All sharing one subscription - this is what makes our pricing model special!

Moderator selection Quick and easy management of moderators

Conference media

Use video and audio files in conferences

Would you like to view/listen to video files or audio files with all conference participants at the same time in your conferences? Then the Conference Media feature is what you're looking for.

This function gives you the option of uploading audio and video files for subsequent use in conferences. Currently you can use video files in .mp4 format and audio files in .mp3 format. Up to 1 GB of storage space for conference media is available per customer account with a minimum connection package of 20 simultaneous connections (less than 20 simultaneous connections 512 MB).

Note: If you need more storage space, please submit a support request.


Stream a conference

Would you like to stream a conference to make it accessible not only to the participants but to a big public audience? No problem. In bbbserver you have the possibility to stream your conference via a streaming platform of your choice. All you need is the RTMP URL of your streaming platform. We will send a video stream of the conference there.

Safe access

Personalized conference join links

In order to be able to ensure that it is really the right participant who joins your conference and that no unwanted guests dial in, there is the new function "personalized access links". This way, people cannot choose their name while joining the conference: You provided it upfront. Thus, you can easily be sure who is connecting.

Safe access